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Crapemyrtle Bark Scale
... a relatively new insect on crapemyrtles (Lagerstroemia) across the Southeast. The insect, which is from Asia, was first noticed in a north Dallas, Texas, suburb in 2004. By 2019, the insect had been reported in 14 states.

There is now a website with lots more info and a way to report sightings -

There are several videos here

informative article from Ball Publishing here

Check these out!

Center for Urban Agriculture

Getting the Best of Pests webinars
Schedule and archives

YouTube channel here

(June, 2021)

Pruning Trees: Anatomical, Biological & Structural Foundations -
Dr. Kim Coder, author
Newly Revised Manual from Warnell School at University of Georgia
free download

Boxwood Blight
(Cylindrocladium buxicola = Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum)

HRI (AmericanHort Foundation)
BMP's for boxwood in the landscape
available here

Info from their 2020 workshop is available here

Georgia Forestry Commission recently held three workshops in Gainesville, Marietta and Mansfield to help communities develop a personalized Community Forest Storm Mitigation Plan that focuses specifically on trees and ways to avoid or mitigate the damage they cause during a storm or other catastrophic event. Community Forest Storm Mitigation plans serve as a guide for assessing current storm readiness, for creating a summary of your community's current forest management program and as a storm mitigation checklist. Presentations from the workshops are available and Georgia Forestry Commission staff are available to assist your community.

A Community Forest Storm Mitigation PlanningWorkbook and Template are available

PowerPoint presentations are available here.




Please contact any Board member or send us an e-mail with your suggestions for the association or this website

GGIA Trade Show

June 13-15, Duluth

full schedule of education,
registration, and more info here



free webinars from

all at 1pm

Monday, June 19
Integrated Pest & Pollinator Management for Ornamental Plants
Dr. Adam Dale, University of Florida and Dr. Jaret Daniels, Florida Museum of Natural History
The importance of protecting pollinators; Effects of insect pests on pollinators;
How pest management strategies can be tailored to reduce damaging pests while still protecting pollinators
Register for IPPM for Pollinators

Tuesday June 20
Building a Better Monarch Butterfly Garden
Dr. Dan Potter, University of Kentucky
Register for Better Monarch Gardens

Wednesday June 21
Bees, Pesticides and Politics: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable
Urban Landscapes
Dr. Dan Potter (University of Kentucky)
how land care professionals and gardeners can safeguard pollinators when managing
pests of lawns and landscapes
Register for Bees, Pesticides & Politics

Thursday June 22
Pollinators, Plant Trials, and People:
Discovering and Sharing the Best Pollinator Plants
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's director of horticulture, Steve Foltz
Register for Pollinators, Plant Trials & People

i-Tree Open Academy
1 hour webinars, starting 14 March

full info and registration here

(don't forget to check out their YT vids here


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free, detailed soil info
down to lot!

Latest Research Findings from

Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies
in Ornamental Plants

By Dr. Geoffrey C. Denny, Assistant Extension Professor, and Dr. Karl K. Crouse, Associate Extension
Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences Department.(MSU)

Relative Effectiveness of Various Chemicals for Disease Control in Woody Ornamentals
by Extension Plant Pathologists Kelly Ivors (NCSU), Jean Williams-Woodward (UGA), and Alan Windham (UTenn)

A guide to native wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, trees and vines for gardens in the State of Georgia

By Douglasvillian (?)
Betty Benson
more info here

Africanized Honey Bee
Now in Georgia!

(photo Utah CES)
UGA CES info here
Run, don't swat.
Be safe, but remember honeybees pollinate about 30% of our food!
Don't harm the good ones!

Bulldog Bytes
Disposing of Pesticides
right here

Great info from Mary Carol Sheffield, CES, on garden and lawn diseases
right here

Trees Eat Pollution Better Than Expected
research from the National Center for Atmospheric Research
published in the Oct. 21, 2010 issue of Science Express
summary here

Got 45 minutes?
checkout UGA Urban Ag webinars
The complete archive is available

Fire Ant Control

Recorded webinar (March, 2015) from (national) here.
Thorough discussion of behavior and biology and use of baits and contact kill insecticides. Runs about 60 minutes.


Georgia Gold Medal Plants
plant a winner!

Classic City Award Winners
and dazzle your clients!

2021 winners are here

2012 - 2016 Winners here
2017-19 winners here
2020 winners are here

Classic City Awards
from UGA Trial Gardens

The Classic City awards are based on garden performance over the entire season in the Gardens at UGA, where spring is glorious, and summers are hot, often dry, and rather miserable.

from The UGA Trial Garden's Blog
see what's selected as the best of the best





BMPs for Non-Chemical Weed Control
free .pdf download from Cailfornia Invasive Plant Council

This manual provides comprehensive descriptions of 21 commonly used non-chemical weed control techniques and of biological control agents for 18 weed species/species groups that will help you as a practitioner treat weeds more effectively.

Authors of each chapter have compiled research and on-the-ground knowledge of subject experts on tools and methods of application, as well as on efficacy of techniques under various environmental conditions and across different classes of invasive plants. Environmental, cultural, and human safety risks are also highlighted to help support safe and effective use of techniques. This manual is designed to be a go-to resource for practitioners that are either complementing their weed control work with non-chemical techniques or are exclusively restricted to not using herbicides.

Download here

SNA Ceases Operations after 121 years

research proceedings, scholarships, and some other aspects of the organization will be transferred to other organizations
details here


is offering FREE access to several self-paced online, basic soft-skills courses that encompass a variety of topics useful in any work environment.

more info here

available here
(takes a bit to load)

2020 Day of Service
January 20, 2020
Douglas County High School

Video recap of the 2020 Day of Service
now available here

thanks to Chan Weeks,
Executive Director, Keep Douglasville Beautiful

These fine WGGA companies/organizations
have contributed to the
2020 Day of Service at Douglas County High School!

McPlants * Douglasville Ace Hardware * Alternative Environments
City of Douglasville * Keep Douglasville Beautiful
UGA DC Extension * UGA DC Master Gardeners EV's


UGA Publications of Interest
(courtesy Willie O. Chance, UGA-UrbanAg

Weed Control in Liriope & Mondo

Controlling Poison Ivy in the Landscape

Winter Protection of Ornamental Plants
(what not to do late Summer/early Fall)

Uso de Herbicidas de Preemergencia para Digitaria y Otras Malezas Anuales de Verano

Control de Poa annua en Céspedes Comerciales no Residenciales de Georgia

Soil Preparation and Planting Procedures for Ornamental Plants in the Landscape
available here

UGA publications offer a wide variety of professionally targeted, as well as homeowner interest, publications. Some are free, some have a small cost. All are written by UGA Cooperative Extension and CAES or FCS research faculty and all are full of the latest scientific info on many topics of interest to green pros. More info is right here.

GUFC magazine

no longer being published, but the archives are available
2018 issue

2017 Issue here

2016 issue available here

2015 issue available here

Urban Forests
Improve the Quality of Life

Proud WGGA Sponsor

Community Supported Agriculture
fine one near you here!

WGGA is a proud member of the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce


Video recap of the multi-year
Military Honor Garden project
now available here

thanks to Chan Weeks,
Executive Director, Keep Douglasville Beautiful

These fine WGGA companies/organizations
have contributed to the
Military Honor Garden project in 2017!

Douglasville Ace Hardware*Southern States
Alternative Environments*Reslawn
McPlants*Barnett Irrigation
W & W Lawn Care*Accent Nursery
Keep Douglasville Beautiful*UGA DC Extension
UGA DC Master Gardener Extension Volunteers
Well Done Lawns and Landscaping
Black Rock Property Service , Inc.
NG Turf

Thank you everyone who participated in 2016!

Friday. December 9, 2016

Keep Douglasville Beautiful is proud to introduce the Douglasville Military Honor Garden. Created as a place to celebrate the honor and courage that members of the Douglasville community have made in the service of our country, the Military Honor Garden will welcome visitors to a place of beauty and who wish to pay tribute to the brave military men, women, and families who sacrifice for our freedoms.

The garden has been conceived as a beautiful public space, built with the support of citizens, service organizations, and businesses in our community for the benefit of the community. Memorial trees, garden spaces, markers, and benches will be placed throughout the garden to create a vibrant, social space to enjoy and inspire.

More info here

Thank you to the following WGGA Members for your help on
the 2011 Freedom Island project!
McPlants, Douglasville Ace Hardware, Alternative Environments, Wynn's Intensive Lawn Care, Black Rock Landscaping, Keen Edge Lawn Care, Douglas County Extension Office, Accent Nursery & Landscaping, Chip's Lawn Care, Hydro Irrigation, John Deere Landscapes, NGTurf, Triple Creek Flower Farm, Well Done Lawn & Landscaping, Mood Swings

WGGA on YouTube!

Freedom Island Renovation
courtesy DouglasvilleCITITV

Get the landscape plan right here

Your donation of professional time, equipment, and material is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!
Craig McManus-Chan Weeks-Kevin Livingston

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